We're Hiring Startup Scouts in Tempe, AZ

Make a living building relationships with founders all around the world

Good news! Seedscout is hiring in-person scouts to work with me in Tempe, AZ. This is a role unlike you’ve ever seen before. The expectations are pinned to the depths of your imagination (or internet savviness). You could spend all day searching through Product Hunt to find great founders OR you could reach out to accelerator programs all day. Maybe you just love Twitter and you want to scout startups from Domm’s massive fundraising threads. Regardless, there is a ton of work to do and I want to do it with a group of internet-savvy scouts, IRL, in Tempe, AZ. First off, what is Seedscout? Good question!

What is Seedscout?

Seedscout is building a marketplace to connect pre-series A startups to people/companies that are aiming to work with them. This includes investors, service providers, and software vendors. We work with scouts all around the world to cover the corners of the internet and find talented founders to bring onto the platform to connect them to our customers. Seedscout is free for founders, and all the scouts are paid for scouting valuable companies. We’re backed by Eric Ries (Author of The Lean Startup and Founder of LTSE), Dave Goldblatt (Worked at Facebook for a decade), and many others.

Role Details

Work in Tempe at HQ

You’ll be scouting in our HQ at The Watermark, based on Tempe Town Lake. We have an 8 person office and I’d like to fill it up with scouts. We share a building with Opendoor, Amazon, and Robinhood, so you can trust the next great Arizona startup hub is starting here, and you can help build it from the core. Of course, we’ll eat many meals together and bond as a group.

We Pay For Performance

What would you rather get paid? $30/hr for scouting companies or get paid $1,000 for scouting one company that raises money on Seedscout? If your answer was the latter, you’ll understand how we think about paying. If you scout a company that does well on the platform, we pay very well. If you scout 100 companies that all perform poorly, we won’t pay you a dime. Do note, we will train you on how to determine a great company vs. not. And we’re here to turn you into great scouts quickly, and enable you to make a living even faster.

We’ll Teach You Everything From Scratch

The startup scouting skillset is a very weird one that no other profession can teach you. Simply come to work with a will to learn and work hard, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to be a successful startup scout. Hopefully soon, you’ll be teaching the next group. We want this to grow quickly.

Work As Much Or As Little As You Want

As outlined above, if you become a great scout, you can be making really good money fairly quickly. Due to this, we don’t have a set number of hours we want you to work. One day, maybe you want to work 2 hours. Maybe the next day, it’s 10. Whatever you want to put in, it’s up to you. On one condition….

Strive For Greatness Every Day

I am looking for scouts who want to be great. Scouts who want to learn the craft, put in the hours, make a ton of money, and provide massive value for founders. Note, you can be a great scout and have a part-time job, or even be a full-time student. But you need to want to be here. You need to want to put in the time. You need to want to be great. The moment I realize you were here for any other reason, I’ll find someone here for the right ones and replace you.

Sound Good?

I am looking to fill these scout roles ASAP. Do you want to throw your hat in the ring, become a scout for Seedscout, and join us in the office? Just apply below and we’ll be in touch. Have questions? —> Email me at Mat@matsherman.com.

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