The Three Bullet Forwardable Intro

The preferred format for Seedscout to introduce you to anyone

The below is a template for how Seedscout prefers to send forwardable emails to our network. We call this the three bullet format because it cuts through the noise, is generous to the VCs’ time, and generally results more intros than other formats do. The point of it is to get really clear on your startup’s value in the least amount of time.

The elements of our preferred format are as follows:

  • A thank you to the forwarder

  • Your company name, hyperlinked w/ your website

  • Your crisp one liner

  • Three bullets that represent impressive feats of your company. They should all cover a different part of your company. They could focus on team, traction, product development, fundraising traction, or anything else you think is meaningful to VCs.

  • Your fundraise details (post money valuation is optional)

  • Your deck or one pager/memo

Here is what all of those pieces of information look like in an actual email format:

Hey ________,

Thanks for being open to making introductions to investors in your network. More on us below:


Company Name: Seedscout

One Liner: We make investing in impressive undervalued companies really simple

Three Bullets:

- We have 110 customers paying for deal flow

- We’ve facilitated 1.7M in venture capital invested in startup from our intros

- We’ve raised $150,000 from investors like Eric Ries and current/former employees of Google and Facebook

We are raising $1M on a $10M post money valuation on a SAFE. You can find our deck here.

Thanks for the help,

Mat Sherman

See, it communicates a lot of information in a very simple to browse format. VCs appreciate this and allows them to get to a decision faster (even if it ends up being a no). In the future when we ask you to use a forwardable intro format, this is what we are talking about. It’s proven to lead to more intros, VC’s appreciate the mass amount of information in a format that’s easy to scan, and you’ll come off looking professional as a founder raising capital.

Do you have questions? Have a suggested improvement for the forwardable email? Let me know at Thanks for reading.