The Definitive Guide For Complaining About Uber

Life must be rough for you

Life must be rough for you

For drivers:

The hiring process is too hard.

There is no interview, no resume or cover letter submission, and no reference check. The only thing in between you and making money is a new(ish) car and a background check. Remember, you’re being hired for A CONTRACTOR position which leads me to my next point.

There aren’t any benefits

I would hope there wouldn’t be due to how easy the hiring process is. Reminder that we ARE NOT EMPLOYEES, WE ARE CONTRACTORS. Yes, there’s no life insurance, they don’t pay for our gas, and we don’t get a 401K. If you want all that, stop being lazy and get a real job. What we do get that no one else does is the freedom to work whenever we want. That should be the reason you work for Uber. Also, refer the the following picture next time you say there aren’t “benefits”.

The Don’t Pay Enough

Bullshit. I have given 314 trips and averaged $10 per trip. Take away gas and lets say its $8 per trip. This is saying, every time I give someone a ride, I can buy a fat Chipotle Burrito Bowl. That is something worth driving for for a broke college student. Doing Uber full time and not getting paid enough? Not something worth driving for. If you are complaining about not getting paid enough if uber is for full time job, uber isn’t the problem; It’s because it is your full time job. Stop being lazy.

The bottom line is that you can make money wherever you want and whenever you want. That is the beauty of Uber. Also, if you are one of the minions who complain about how Uber treats their drivers and but actually don’t drive for them, you need to sit down and shut up.

I personally drive for uber and will be forever in debt for what it has done for me.