Product Hunt Roundup (Week of May 24th, 2020)

Audio apps, roommate managing, and Tik Tok rip offs

For those who don’t want to scan every product launch of Product Hunt, don’t worry. I do, and I include the most interesting potential venture scale startups here, with bullets on why I think they could be be big.

Top 3 potential venture scale products

Too Deep - Share thoughts and feelings through text and audio recordings, anonymously

  • Audio is in. Discord made it possible, Clubhouse made it sexy, and now audio is the new format. Based on that fact alone, I think the market pull could take Too Deep far

  • Our country is in flames right now. There is a lot of hate and sadness in the world. I bet you more people than not would be open to share how they really feel anonymously.

  • Anonymous can be venture scale. Remember a16z backed Yik Yak ? Combining audio format + the anonymity could lead to an interesting venture investment.

Dwell- Dwell is an app that helps roommates manage their house.

  • There doesn’t seem to be an app that has penetrated the market and has spread in the roommate/house management market

  • Coliving will (eventually) come back and be on the rise once again. Tik Tok houses will inspire an entire generation of gen z to rethink how living works, and technology will need to be there

  • They seem to take many features that couple based apps have, and just extrapolate it for roommates. No reinventing the wheel here. Couples apps give them the data, but this is just a brand new market.

Zynn - Zynn is the ultimate platform for short-form videos where you can discover and create your favorite content.

  • This is a total rip off of Tik Tok, funded by one of Bytedance’s biggest competitors, Kuaishou. So on the surface, this shouldn’t go far. Yet….

  • Yet, right now, it is #1 on the app stores, and has been for a few days. I have no idea why, but they know something I don’t. I see it spreading from high school to high school by the second under all of our noses.

  • This is a winner take all market, and there could be a world where America’s trust with China and Bytedance is breached, and their apps are banned, giving the runner up a chance to take over the American market. I have no idea if this will happen.

Honorable mentions

Mixroom - Mixroom lets artists share unfinished tracks, song drafts, and cuts that didn't make the album.

Tranzlate - Tranzlate allows for easier localization management.

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