Product Hunt Roundup (Week of June 15th, 2020)

Bundles, simple apps, and and micro SaaS M&A

For those who don’t want to scan every product launch of Product Hunt, don’t worry. I do, and I include the most interesting potential venture scale startups here, with bullets on why I think they could be be big.

Top 3 potential venture scale products

Newsletter Stack - Curated newsletters to help you learn about anything.

  • As a newsletter writer, i’m playing checkers. As a newsletter aggregator, they are playing chess. I am building a community of people that like my content, they are building a data set of everyone that consumes any newsletter.

  • If they become the #1 player in the space, they also become the best platform to facilitate bundles. And since they have data that I don’t have, they will be able top charge a premium and take a % of the bundles. I almost could compare them to the Angelist Ventures operation.

  • If they are able to win the category, there are in a position to do exactly what Google did to websites. I would rely on NewsletterStack for a % of my traffic, and I’ll be able to pay for more targeted signups.

Rately- Do what's important, daily.

  • In the productivity space, everyone seems to be competing on features. The more features the better, right? Rately is betting on the opposite. Rately is dead simple. Which is what is needed to change behavior, which is hard enough. The more work to use the app, the less work i’m putting in to change my habits

  • The UX is genius. You see your progress by setting emojis, and you can see months in one view. It’s a visual look into how you’re doing on a birds eye view

  • The emoji-first messaging is very on trend and will do with younger generations, vs. these bulky productivity apps that are winning the market today.

SaaSPlace - Acquire, invest & sell SaaS products, plugins and apps

  • If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know i’m borderline obsessed with building a M&A ecosystem with subcreators (subscription creators). This app normalized that and gives average people ways tp buy assets as practice.

  • Their Alexa score is below 500,000, meaning this domain and site already has a decent amount of clout in this space.

  • As the SEC is a few years away (hopefully) from changing their accredited investor laws, startups and SaaS investing will go mainstream with it. Since friends will be investing in friends, the micro acquisition will be more common than it is today.

Honorable mentions

Pay ID - A better way for your users to send and receive payments

Passbase - Integrate seamless, bank-level identity verification
into your website, app, or checkout with just a few lines of code.

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