Product Hunt Roundup (Week of June 22nd, 2020)

Splicing music, Airtable Stackin, And Causing MSCHF

For those who don’t want to scan every product launch of Product Hunt, don’t worry. I do, and I include the most interesting potential venture scale startups here, with bullets on why I think they could be be big.

This is two days late due to me being sick the last few days. You will get your next one on Monday morning at 5am, right on schedule.

Top 3 potential venture scale products

Lalalai - Use AI to split any song into vocal and instrumental tracks

  • As a former singer songwriter, I never understood how to get individual components of music to edit. There has always been a fair amount of friction in the process for me, even to this day

  • As more artists get famous from Snap and TikTok, there will be less regulation in this industry, thus allowing more creativity in remixing (for better of for worse for the original artist)

  • It’s worth mentioning there has been a serious increase in music related products on Product Hunt the last few months. I see this as a industry on the rise, yet still without a strong business model. A lot of opportunity to be captured, for sure!

Bright CRM- Bright is a CRM powered by your Airtable data

  • In the no code platform wars, I strongly feel like companies are sleeping on Airtable’s Blocks feature. Stacker will likely use this data to power their persona; CRM for everyone.

  • Unfortunately, there is still no good personal CRM that has hit critical mass. The market is wide open, and considering how Airtable already has a large portion of a different market, it makes the case for the easy of a user expanding horizontally in their own stack, vs. starting something new vertically.

  • The company behind the CRM software, Stacker, has been building on top of Airtable for years. There already have decent market share and are positioned to be the #1 no code builder on top of the Airtable database

Finger On The App / MSCHF - Keep your finger on the app the longest! Win up to $25,000

  • The company behind the app (MSCHF) is turning into one of the premiere consumer brands that most people above the age of 25 haven’t heard of. Getting famous for their “drops”, MSCHF’s attention grabbing stunts are starting to cash in.

  • To get distribution, the app partnered with Mr. Beast, a insanely well known Youtuber and influencer amongst Gen Z. It shows you MSCHF knows how to market to their target demographic (unlike Quibi…).

  • The psychology of the app is pretty genius. I don’t know if they spent weeks thinking it through or minutes, but it seems to have hit a nerve (and a top spot on the iTunes App store for a period of time)

Honorable mentions

Yotta - Win up to $10 million by saving in an FDIC insured account

Cozy Room - Free peer-to-peer spatial audio environments

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