Product Hunt Roundup (Week of June 8th, 2020

Podcasting monetization, human IPOs, and Twitch for foodies

For those who don’t want to scan every product launch of Product Hunt, don’t worry. I do, and I include the most interesting potential venture scale startups here, with bullets on why I think they could be be big.

Top 3 potential venture scale products

Ode - Helping podcast creators live off their work

  • Has a focus on podcast analytics, CPM rates, and a promo code/affiliate type model for its podcasters. Aiming to fill in the major gaps podcasters already struggle with.

  • Appears to be dipping toes into DTC, which is not new for massive influencers, but new for people like me, with a audience of 5,000-15,000 people. Opens up a lot of opportunity.

  • Differentiated approach to podcast monetization when compared to Glow and Supercast. Immediately makes them stand out, as this market is growing quickly.

Human IPO- Invest in people you believe in.

  • I am 100% bullish on buying equity in creators, which means buying equity in people. This platform enables anyone to sell shares in themselves today. The copy on the site is slightly cringy, but the fundamental concept is well ahead of its time.

  • ISAs took a huge step to normalize buying equity in people. Culturally, it’s hard to think society is read to accept this concept, but ISAs are evidence that its becoming more acceptable over time, rather than less acceptable.

  • Any founder crazy enough to build this and deal with the backlash of the concept of “equity in people” is a venture scale founder, straight up. This person is living in the future. I hope he/she’s as impressive as this platform.

FoodFeed - Stream, watch, and meet other foodies around the world

  • This is bringing the concept that got Twitch famous to the masses. Also, the app is built pretty well and has a great UX for its users.

  • Every meal I eat alone is a missed opportunity to make a friend. Going out to eat is expensive and takes time, so this app allows me to have lunch conversations from the comfort of my own home The book “Never Eat Alone” is real.

  • I personally know the founders (They don’t know i’m featuring them) and think they both have extremely talented technical minds and are empathetic to their users’s use case. Great qualities to have in a founding team.

Honorable mentions

Crystal - RateMyProfessor for police officers & departments

Everything- A bundle of your favorite paid newsletters

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