I'm Building a City, and You're Invited!

You're getting a major discount because you bet on me early 👊

I recently left my job at Prenda to go all in on the Forward Thinking brand, which was just a podcast and newsletter, until last week. The missing piece to the empire is a community, so I decided to build a city for everyone in the Forward Thinking ecosystem to meet eachother, get help fundraising, and do AMAs with other successful founders. Here is some more info on the city, as I would love for you to join it if you feel compelled!

It’s An Event Driven City

Just like the city you live in now, if you want to go somewhere, you need to actively show up at a the club or conference, to experience it. I am taking this same approach for FTC. FTC is filled with events all week. Right now, the events are split up into a few different categories:

  • Founder AMAs - Ask successful founders questions about how they operate, their day to day, or really anything you want to know.

  • Open Office Hours - Do you want feedback on your startup? Spend an hour with someone hashing out your startup’s challenges and help get you to the next stage

  • Live Founder Recordings - I have a daily podcast where I interview a new founder. Be a fly on the wall, inside of the Zoom call on mute, and you even talk with the founder after the recording is done

  • Happy Hours!- Sometimes we all just need to grab a drink and meet someone new. We have happy hours that are designed to help you meet new people in the city.

For the rest of the month, here are some of our guests!

If you want to see all the events we have planned for the city, just check out our website and see all of the next week’s events here.

Access to the city does cost money. It is $7/mo for anyone joining in August. But since you bet on me early by paying for this Substack, I have set up a discount code for you to get $2 off for the plan, forever. Meaning for $5/mo, you can get access to:

  • All my founder interviews, live on Zoom

  • All founder AMAs

  • All open offices hours

  • All happy hours

  • Anything else we do!!

If you’re interested in joining the city, enter the code “Angel” into the discount field and you’ll get $2/off your plan, forever! You will be the least expensive tier of Forward Thinking City, simply because you bet on me early. Thank you!

Join the city for $5/mo here