How We Help Founders

A Look Under The Hood of Seedscout

Hey everyone. Although I have hinted at the company in previous posts, I haven’t really shared much about what i’ve been spending most of my time on these days. I started this company called Seedscout, and while it’s marketed to be the best startup database on the internet, it’s really so much more. We’re a place for any and all founders to meet investors and get benefits that are usually reserved for the 1% who get venture funding. I wanted to share how we do that.

It All Starts With Being Scouted

The only way to join the Seedscout ecosystem is to get scouted. Luckily, this is a simple and open process. Any founder can come to our site and fill out the scouted form. In the form, we collect info like LinkedIn, startup URL, and other basic information. It takes 2 minutes to fill out. Once you filled out, the founder is then introduced to our ecosystem.

Here’s what’s included in Seedscout once scouted:

We Help Founders Build Context For Investors

If you’re a founder without a network, you’re already at a disadvantage. Why? It’s because no one knows who you are. No one trusts you. They don’t know your story. So in order to get an investor’s confidence, you need a way to build context with them. The core Seedscout platform is a context building machine. You share information about your company + share monthly updates with Seedscout that investors can browse.

Over months and years, they get to know you through the updates and build context on you up to the point where they know you well enough from afar to request an intro and meet you. This is what Seedscout’s main value proposition is. We’re a hub to collect and report on your progress so investors can see a line through many dots.

We Connect You With Other Founders

We have a Slack space with over 1,500 founders in there, all of whom are in a similar stage of company development. We give you the chance to introduce yourself and meet other founders introducing themselves. But in reality, there aren’t too many other channels in Seedscout. Why? It’s because we really want the connections to come from the one on one relationships that are created in the DMs. Seedscout is a safe place for founders. Find someone that piques your interest and get to know them. We’re all in the same boat here.

We Have A Robust Event Calendar

Founders in the Seedscout network are all around the world, and many don’t have access to the education or people to give them the right inspiration to keep going and scale. This is why we are glad to host events with incredible founders like Eric Ries, Kristen Anderson, and Austen Allred. Even if it’s only over Zoom, we allow our global founder pool to learn from the best.

We Help You Get Discounts On Products

We’ve partnered with BuiltFirst to allow any founder in our network to get a plethora of different discounts to products they need anyway. Whether it be from Stripe, Pipeedrive, Hubspot, and more…being a part of the Seedscout network means saving a ton of money on key products all startups need to get started.

Get Started With Seedscout

Seedscout is completely free for founders. We support our business by charging investors access to their own side of the platform.

We can’t guarantee success for anyone in Seedscout. We make no promises. Yet, we can guarantee a fair shake. And at the end of the day, this is all founders really crave. If you’re a founder, you can sign up for Seedscout here. Know a founder and want to scout them? You can do that here. Power to the founders.