4 Tips For The Blab Team If They Want to Survive

Stop using vanity metrics to measure your growth

  1. Stop using vanity metrics to measure your growth

Great, users spend an average of 3 hours on Blab at a time but what is your retention rate over 100 days? I will admit, I have been on Blab for around 170 days and I don’t see the same people on back then as I do now. It would be a good thing if there were so many people on Blab that I just couldn’t find them but that’s not the case.

You aren’t growing. As you gain more users, you lose users but I don’t know if you have an accurate measure of what “losing” a user is. You “lost” me. I was a power user and then I got bored. Same story with every one of my friends. I go on from time to time but you still have lost me and thousands more.

Metrics to focus on

  • Average time spent on Blab in the first 50 days compared to the second 50 days. Use that as a base and run with it.

  • How many “power users” aren’t power users. Ask why? Blab, if you’re reading this right now (and I know you are), you never asked me why I hopped off. Do you ask others? Are you proactive about it?

  • Is there a big dip in between the power users and everyone else? If so, how will you fill the dip? If you are relying on everyone to be a power user, you will fail.

2. Pay Executives to do what Jason Fried does(or did).

Jason Fried founded Basecamp. People know of him and they enjoy his presence. Jason used to (or still might) have conversations on Blab with other people, casually, but open. This brought in a quality crowd and he didn’t even go out of his way to do this. This is what Blab needs more of.

Pay CEO’s or higher up’s do go and have meetings on Blab, conversations, interviews, etc. I would watch any CEO talk because they know something that I don’t because they are a successful CEO. You do not want your platform ran by marketers and people “just chilling”. If that’s your goal, you’re idiots. If it isn’t, then fix it.

3. Ask the old-timers why they aren’t around anymore.

I guarantee you this data is the most valuable data you could ever collect. This doesn’t need added explanation.

4. Don’t think you are too good for advice from your users.

You should get together a equal sample OF THE POPULATION YOU WANT ON BLAB together and create a think tank. I would gladly be a part of this. Do interviews, do whatever, but get intelligent people in this think tank. They should be honorary members of team Blab and can tell you whats REALLY going on in the Blabosphere.

Lastly, for the marketers. Please don’t ruin Blab.